John McDonough: Putting His “Dreams and Imagination” Into Motion on the Americana Music Scene…

John McDonough: Putting His “Dreams and Imagination” Into Motion on the Americana Music Scene…

John McDonough, singer-songwriter of Austin, Texas
John McDonough, singer-songwriter of Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas is the home of Americana singer-songwriter John McDonough, who is currently promoting his latest CD “Dreams and Imagination,” which has been holding steady on the Americana Music Chart for the past six weeks.

With the music of SXSW just around the corner, I got the chance to speak with John about his music projects and experiences while he is preparing for his upcoming SXSW showcases.

“I’m very excited about SXSW this year…my latest CD release “Dreams and Imagination” had a warm reception in Europe…I was so excited that it got lots of good reviews and airplay throughout Europe over a six month period in 2015.”

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Following the positive response to his music in Europe, McDonough began focusing on the promotion of “Dreams and Imagination” in the United States, which is now maintaining a steady position on the Americana charts, and also is preparing for two upcoming SXSW showcases this Wednesday and Thursday.

“Since the CD’s release in Europe, I’ve been working with a promoter here in the states, and this year “Dreams and Imagination” has been on the Americana chart since mid-January. So I’m really happy about that and the momentum the promotional campaign has generated as a result…”

photo courtesy KTY Photography
photo courtesy KTY Photography

“One of my two showcases at SXSW this year is with Bill Wence Promotions. Wence is the promoter I’ve been working with in the States, and he has a showcase at Black’s Barbeque this Thursday. I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with Mark Alan Stansberry and Libby Koch in a singer-songwriters in the round performance.”

In addition to promoting his latest release with radio airplay and showcases, McDonough has been burning the midnight oil to finish production of his next CD.

“I’ve also been working on a new CD; all of the songs have been recorded and the project is in post-production right now; it’s still a few months away from release.”

Regarding McDonough’s experiences performing in the Austin area, he has been fortunate enough to maintain a steady gig schedule while enjoying the growth of his family of fans in and around Austin.

“It’s good, you know, there are so many great musicians and venues here…it’s tough in Austin, but I’ve gotten into some good venues, and it’s been fun. And better yet, the attendance at shows is continuing to grow, so I’ve had the pleasure of meeting more people who come to hear my songs, and with Austin’s expansion, I’m also finding a whole new group of people to meet in the outlying areas.”

“This makes for some really fun gigs. I’ve got steady gigs in Georgetown, which is 45 minutes or so outside of Austin, and in Round Rock, just north of Austin. The people there are really receptive and excited to hear the music! I enjoy playing out in Austin but my fans in the surrounding areas also make it a great experience to gig outside of Austin as well.”

McDonough’s view of Austin’s music scene is that it is one of the best places for any musician to hone their skills, due to the high concentration of talented musicians whom the city attracts.

“Austin is a great place, there are so many opportunities to develop as a musician. There are so many venues, that you can easily find a musician performing who might not be well-known, but they sure know their chops, and you can learn and grow from listening to them.”

It looks as if John McDonough’s path in music is going to be an eventful one for 2016.

“I’m very excited about this year; with the success I’m having with “Dreams and Imagination” and the new CD which will be coming out in a few months, I’m planning on going on the road throughout the States and hopefully to Europe as well.”

You can find John at Black’s BBQ in downtown Austin during Bill Wence’s SXSW Showcase along with fellow singer-songwriters Mark Alan Stansberry and Libby Koch on Thursday, March 17 from 3:00-3:45 pm.

Prior to the Bill Wence SXSW Showcase, John McDonough will perform at the unofficial SXSW Republiqfest’s Austin Indie Music showcase the day before, on Wednesday, March 16 at Oilcan Harry’s in downtown Austin.

Bill Wence’s SXSW Showcase:

Black’s BBQ Austin

3110 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705


Bill Wence SXSW Showcase 2016

Bill Wence SXSW Showcase 2016

RepubliqFest lineup/schedule:

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Facebook:  John McDonough Live

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Writer: B. Skye, Denim Canary  March 14, 2016

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