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Cam Penner / “Art of the Song” / The National Music Museum

Song and Artist: “This Could Be Your Anthem” by Cam Penner of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cam Penner banner
Cam Penner, singer-songwriter of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

images courtesy Cam Penner official website


“This Could Be Your Anthem from Cam Penner‘s 2013 CD “To Build a Fire

Penner’s bio on his website details his exceptional background and life experiences, which lend to his insightful songwriting…

Penner plans to be on tour in the UK in January 2016 to promote a new CD entitled “Sex & Politics.”

Cam Penner’s Facebook music page:


Cam Penner’s official website:



Radio Show: “Art of the Song Creativity Radio” Taos, New Mexico

Art of the Song banner
John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt, hosts of ‘Art of the Song Creativity Radio”

images courtesy “Art of the Song” facebook and bizjournals.com

John Dillon and Vivian Nesbitt host “Art of the Song,” a nationally syndicated radio show that features music and interviews focusing on not only songwriting, but also the overall creative process that inherently unites people.

Excerpt from the show’s website about “Art of the Song“:

By expressing our creativity and thus our spiritual nature, we as individuals connect with the world at large and the greater consciousness of the universe. We at Art of the Song have been helping to lay the groundwork for this amazing transformation that is beginning to occur. For the last 11 years, we have been reaching out to hundreds of thousands of listeners in cities, small towns and rural communities throughout the country. Through music and discussion about songwriting and the creative process, we have delivered the message that we are all creative and that it is not only possible, but imperative that each and all of us express our creative voices.

Listen Live:

The show is broadcast nationwide in North America and is available to listen to online at some of these stations; a list of these stations can be found on the show’s official website:

Art of the Song facebook:


Art of the Song website:


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Supporter of Americana: The National Music Museum, Vermillion, South Dakota

Natl Music Museum banner
The National Music Museum, University of South Dakota, Vermillion, South Dakota

all images courtesy official website for The National Music Museum

South Dakota’s National Music Museum, founded in 1973, focuses on the preservation of, and education about, folk music instruments. The museum is located in the Carnegie Library on the University of South Dakota campus. It has one of the most comprehensive collections in the world, offering the public a glimpse back in time where certain musical instruments first came into existence and were enjoyed. More details about the collection can be found on the museum’s website: http://orgs.usd.edu/nmm/collect.html

Natl Music Museum interior

Excerpt from the museum’s official website about the museum’s exhibit:

The NMM’s renowned collections of more than 15,000 American, European, and non-Western instruments are the most inclusive in the world, making the NMM the premier institution of its kind. Included are many of the earliest, best preserved, and historically most important musical instruments known to survive. State-of-the-art, self-guided multi-media tours allow visitors not only to see and hear many of the instruments, but also to learn more about them through curatorial commentary and videos.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum sponsors events and live performances which highlight the musical instruments.

Natl Music Museum Ann B Larson Concert Hall

Excerpt from the museum’s website about live performances and special events:

The mission of musical programming at the National Music Museum is to highlight the instrument collection of the NMM. Live music should educate how musical instruments are designed, fabricated, and used to enliven human expression through music. Performers, with support of NMM staff as needed, will explore opportunities to point audience members toward relevant exhibits at the NMM.

The museum also offers member subscriptions, set at different levels that provide various benefits including free admission, newsletter and other perks, dependent on membership level.

For those interested in conducting research at the museum’s research/preservation facility, the museum has an application procedure; more information can be found on the museum’s website.

The National Music Museum provides a wonderful virtual tour on their website, including interactive maps that provide images of the exhibit halls/rooms. This is a great feature for anyone who plans to visit the museum…

The National Music Museum facebook:


The National Music Museum website:


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