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Cera Impala / Gary Henderson’s “Stained Glass Bluegrass” / Roots on the Rails

Song and Artist: “Sweet Sue” by Cera Impala, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cera Impala banner
Cera Impala, Edinburgh, UK

image courtesy Cera Impala website


Sweet Sue” off of Cera Impala‘s 2011 CD “Higher Place

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Gary Henderson’s “Stained Glass Bluegrass” on WAMU 88.5 FM

Stained Glass Bluegrass banner
Gary Henderson, host of “Stained Glass Bluegrass” WAMU 88.5 FM, Washington, D.C.

images courtesy WAMU and Bluegrass Today


Gary Henderson hosts “Stained Glass Bluegrass” on WAMU FM 88.5, Washington, D.C., focusing on bluegrass-gospel. “Stained Glass Bluegrass” is the second longest running show on WAMU.

Excerpt from WAMU about “Stained Glass Bluegrass”:

Bluegrass fans have enjoyed the sounds of Sunday morning gospel since 1974. Gary Henderson passed the microphone to Red Shipley in late summer, 1982. Red expanded the audience and it spread world-wide with the launching of Bluegrass Country 2001. Bob worked with Red since 2002 in producing the show.

Stained Glass Bluegrass” broadcasts live on Sundays from 6-10 am and repeats on Wednesdays from 7-10pm EST.

Listen live on WAMU online:



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Supporter of Americana: Roots on the Rails

Roots on the Rails banner
“Roots on the Rails”

images courtesy Roots on the Rails facebook and Erica Housekeeper, photographer

Roots on the Rails is a series of musical train trips founded and coordinated in 2003 by then-music promoter/manager Charlie Hunter. The expeditions began with a group of Hunter’s musician friends who, along with Hunter, took a train cross-country in Canada from Toronto to a music conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. After that first experience of jamming on the trip by rail, Hunter founded Roots on the Rails which offers roots music-themed rail trips across various routes in Canada and the United States.

Fans of roots music (and trains) can sign up for any of four Roots on the Rails trips each year, with each route and artist lineup being unique. The list of routes taken since 2003 is expansive, including routes in the United States, Canada, and up into Alaska. Some of the stops include performances by guest artists in addition to the headlining artists on the train.

Information about upcoming trips (including itineraries) can be found on the Roots on the Rails website under “2016 Trips.”

Roots on the Rails facebook:


Roots on the Rails website:



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