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Marisa Anderson / Foolkiller Folk / Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA)

Song and Artist: “Hesitation Theme and Variation Blues” by Marisa Anderson of Portland, Oregon

Marisa Anderson, songwriter/guitarist, of Portland, Oregon
Marisa Anderson, songwriter/guitarist, of Portland, Oregon

images courtesy Marisa Anderson and indiestyle.be websites


Marisa Anderson’s “Hesitation Theme and Variation Blues off her 2013 CD “Mercury.”

Her latest CD entitled “Traditional & Public Domain Songs,” covering American classic folk songs, is an exploration of music that goes back deep into the earlier years of American history.

Marisa Anderson’s Facebook music page:


Marisa Anderson’s official website:


Radio Show: Foolkiller Folk, KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City, Missouri

Diana Suckiel and Bob Suckiel, hosts of
Diana Suckiel and Bob Suckiel, hosts of “Foolkiller Folk” on KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City, Missouri

images courtesy Bob and Diana Suckiel and KKFI 90.1 FM

Bob and Diana Suckiel host “Foolkiller Folk” on KKFI 90.1 FM in Kansas City, Missouri.

Foolkiller Folk” features traditional and current American folk music.

About the show from KKFI:

“We have been longtime supporters of folk music and we are performing musicians as well so the name of our program is Foolkiller Folk!

…We want to share the music we love with the rest of the community and share historical aspects of the music also. We want to help broaden our listeners’ knowledge  of all kinds of folk music from all over the country, from the pre-war era to now.”

Foolkiller Folk” airs on Sundays 11am-1pm CST (United States).

Listen live on KKFI online:


Foolkiller Folk on KKFI facebook page:


About the radio show on KKFI:


KKFI website:


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Supporter of Americana: Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA)

Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA) of the Netherlands
Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA) of the Netherlands

images courtesy DCMA website

The Netherlands has a vibrant music community, attracting musicians from around the world to perform at venues and festivals throughout the year. The Dutch Country Music Association (DCMA) is composed of members who strive to grow and maintain the popularity of country music, particularly country music written and performed by Dutch artists.

Excerpt from the DCMA official website about the association (translated from Dutch/Nederlands):

url: http://www.dcma.nl/index.php/dcma-info/

The DMCA is the only association in the Netherlands dedicated to the promotion of homegrown country music in the broadest sense of the word. A group of volunteers is committed to (providing) artists, presenters, (and) organizers with information, promotional materials etc.
DCMA also organizes events to bring better country music to the attention of a wide audience.

The Netherlands gained worldwide notice as a place where country music was becoming more popular and mainstream when the Dutch country music duo “The Common Linnets” won the 2014 Eurovision song contest, (which had previously catered to pop music). According to Wallstreet News article “Europe Tunes in to Its Own Country Music Scene” (a. Ginanne Brownell, Aug. 11, 2014), country music is gaining in popularity, and artists local to the Netherlands and Europe are beginning to gain a foothold as established country artists, with some striking record deals in Nashville. The Dutch Country Music Association plays a role in making sure its artists and other members from the music industry stay connected through networking and by sharing information relevant to the country music industry. The DCMA also hosts the DCMA Awards in November in recognition of the achievements of Dutch artists and those who work in the Dutch music industry.

The DCMA is an organizational member of the trade organization Country Music Association (CMA) of Nashville, Tennessee.

List of this year’s DCMA awards winners:


DCMA facebook:


DCMA official website:


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