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Marlene Cummins / Marlene Cummins’ “Marloo’s Blues” / Byron Bay Blues Fest

Song and Artist: “Barefoot Boy” by Marlene Cummins, Red Fern, New South Wales, Australia

Marlene Cummins, indigenous blues songwriter/musician, Redfern, New South Wales, Australia
Marlene Cummins, indigenous blues songwriter/musician, Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

images courtesy Marlene Cummins official website


Barefoot Boy” is an Aboriginal folk song written by Marlene Cummins.

Marlene Cummins is an accomplished blues artist/songwriter and ardent activist for Aboriginal culture and quality of life in Australia. Cummins plays saxophone and studied at Boston’s Berkeley College of Music in Massachusettes.

Marlene Cummins’ songs on her 2014 CD “Koori Woman Blues” are themed around the condition of the Aboriginals’ way of life in Australia, more notably being centered on the Aboriginal woman, with Cummins having had a strong personal life experience growing up in the culture during a time of political unrest. Cummins even took part in the founding of the only Black Panther party in Australia, which focused on the rights of the indigenous peoples of Australia (documentary entitled “Black Panther Woman” released June 2014, Blackfella Films). Her political activism expressed through her music has earned Cummins a status of high esteem in the Australian music community when it comes to indigenous (Aboriginal) blues and folk music. Cummins’ family is of the indegenous Kuku Yalanji (or Gugu Yalanji / Guugu Yalandji ) people in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Cummins is a renaissance woman of sorts, being an accomplished musician, visual artist, writer and political activist, and also studying dance and acting. To add to the list, Cummins is the award-winning radio show host of “Marloo’s Blues” on Koori Radio in Redfern, New South Wales, Australia.

Visit Marlene Cummins’ official website to learn more about Marlene’s very interesting biography, artistic and musical history, and political activism supporting the indigenous cultures of Australia.

Marlene Cummins’ Facebook music page:


Marlene Cummins’ website:


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Official website for Marlene Cummins

Facebook music page for Marlene Cummins

Koori Radio


Radio Show: Marlene Cummins’ “Marloo’s Blues,” 93.7 FM Koori Radio 2LND, Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

Marlene Cummins, host of
Marlene Cummins, host of “Marloo’s Blues” on KROO Koori Radio 93.7 FM, Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

images courtesy Marlene Cummins official website

Award-winning broadcaster Marlene Cummins hosts “Marloo’s Blues” on 93.7 FM KROO Koori Radio, in Redfern, New South Wales, Australia.

Excerpt from Radio Koori about “Marloo’s Blues“:

Giving her listeners the broad spectrum of the blues from the early ‘ Field Hollers’ to ‘Gospel Blues’ to Mississipi, Chicago,Piedmont,Texas blues to good ‘ol R&B Sixties Soul & some AB&TSI blues in the mix from Down Home Down Under.

Marlene Cummins won 2009 Broadcaster of the Year at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music, Sport, Arts and Community Awards, aka the Deadly Awards.

Marloo’s Blues” airs on Sundays 10am-noon (Sydney, Australia time).

Listen live on Koori Radio’s website:


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KROO Koori Radio website:


About Marloo’s Blues radio show on KROO:


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Supporter of Americana: Byron Bay Bluesfest, New South Wales, Australia

Byron Bay Bluesfest, New South Wales, Australia
Byron Bay Bluesfest, New South Wales, Australia

images courtesy Byron Bay Bluesfest website and facebook

The Byron Bay Bluesfest takes place Easter weekend in March 2016 at Tyagarah Tea Tree farm in New South Wales, Australia. The festival covers fives days of live entertainment from folk and blues artists from Australia and globally.

Excerpt from the official website about the festival:

Bluesfest presents over 200 performances with up to 7 stages over 5, 12 hour days, as well as camping for up to 6,000 people, 5 licensed bars, over 100 food and market stalls, undercover food courts, beer gardens, and children’s entertainment.

Bluesfest presents the biggest names in music to Australian audiences each year

From a modest crowd of 6,000 when it began in 1990, Bluesfest now attracts an audience of over 100,000.
It is regarded as the foremost destination festival in Australia & renowned for being a safe, fun, family-friendly event.

This will be the 26th year for the Byron Bay Bluesfest, having been founded in 1990. For more information, visit the Byron Bay Bluesfest official website and facebook page.

Byron Bay Bluesfest facebook:


Byron Bay Bluesfest website:


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