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Amy Helm / BBC Radio Kent Folk / Jefferson Blues Magazine

Song and Artist: “Roll the Stone” by Amy Helm of New York

Amy Helm, singer-songwriter of New York
Amy Helm, singer-songwriter of New York

images courtesy Amy Helm official website and Radio Woodstock 100.1


Amy Helm‘s track “Roll the Stone” from her debut album Didn’t It Rain….

Amy Helm’s Facebook music page:


Amy Helm’s website:


Radio Show: Doug Welch’s “Kent Folk” on BBC Radio Kent, UK

Doug Welch, host of
Doug Welch, host of “Kent Folk” on BBC Kent Radio, UK

images courtesy Doug Welch and BBC Radio Kent

Doug Welch hosts “Kent Folk” on BBC Radio Kent, featuring a variety of local folk music artists.

Doug Welch’s “Kent Folk airs live on Sundays 9pm (UK time) on BBC Radio Kent.

Listen Live:


Listen on demand:


Doug Welch’s “Kent Folk” facebook:


Doug Welch’s “Kent Folk” website:


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Supporter of Americana: Jefferson Blues Magazine of Stockholm, Sweden (Swerige)

Jefferson Blues Magazine of Sweden
Jefferson Blues Magazine of Sweden

images courtesy Jefferson Blues Magazine facebook and BlueNews Blog

Jefferson Blues Magazine is an *award-winning Swedish print publication focusing on artists, events, news and reviews of the latest releases of the blues genre and also reggae, zydeco, gospel, and rock. It is considered the oldest blues magazine in the world, currently being published quarterly by SBA (Scandinavian Blues Association) since 1968.
*award: Keeping the Blues Alive award by The Blues Foundation of Memphis, Tennessee (United States) at the 2008 International Blues Challege.

Supplementing the print issues is the official website, which mirrors the printed publication in topic coverage, including articles and interviews of established and up-and-coming artists by the magazine staff writers which are written in English.

Other areas of the website focuses on news and reviews of live performances (Konsertrecensioner), a page (Bluesstillar, or “Blues Styles”) dedicated to an explanation of different kinds of blues (i.e. Texas blues, Memphis blues, Delta blues, Chicago blues, etc…), and links to other blues-related sites.

The website is a vast composition of blues-related information. Again, the publication and most of the website (with exception to the artist interviews page) is written in Swedish.

Excerpt from Memphis, Tennessee’s Blues Foundation KBA Awards listing for 2008 Keeping the Blues Alive Award for Print Media:

KBA Awards

2008 Keeping the Blues Alive Awards

Print Media

Jefferson magazine, Stockholm, Sweden

Whether or not you speak Swedish, every Blues fan will enjoy flipping through Jefferson, the Blues magazine named after Country Bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson. Founded in 1968 by a 16-year-old Blues fan, Jefferson magazine is celebrating its fortieth year of keeping Blues alive around the world. The mandate from the start was to focus mainly on the African-American Blues artists and their music. As such, writers, photographers, and editors traveled regularly to the United States to interview and photograph its Blues subjects. In addition, American writers like Dick Shurman write, in English, about the Blues scene around Chicago and the West Coast. Even though it is published thousands of miles from the Delta, Jefferson, like so many foreign publications, keeps American Blues vibrant as a unique musical art form.

Jefferson Blues Magazine Facebook page:


Jefferson Blues Magazine website:


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