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Kaia Kater / Wee Dan’s Hoose Radio Show / Wide Cut Weekend

Song and Artist: “When Sorrows Encompass Me Round” by Kaia Kater of Toronto, Canada

Kaia Kater, singer-songwriter of Toronto, Canada
Kaia Kater, singer-songwriter of Toronto, Canada

images courtesy Kaia Kater’s website and the Distillery Historical District, Toronto Canada website


“When Sorrows Encompass Me Round” by Kaia Kater of Toronto, Canada

Here’s a description from the official website about Kaia Kater and her music…

From Kater’s website:

“…(The Appalachian Mountains) are the backbone of a body of ballads and tunes that define Americana and have heavily influenced Canadian roots music as well. Few are more conscious and intentional in their journey through these Appalachian histories and musical treasures than Kaia Kater.

Born in Quebec of mixed Afro-Caribbean ancestry, she now resides in Toronto and spends extensive time in West Virginia, where she ardently studies balladry and traditional dance. As an original songwriter, she works to incorporate her perspective as one of the few people of color in roots music into the complex racial history of the traditions themselves. Her music combines beautifully subtle old-time banjo with soft sensibilities, mixing elements of both Canadian and American historical traditions with a decidedly modern sound.

Kaia Kater is lauded for being one of the youngest performers in the roots scene, and at 22 years old, there’s not much arguing her progeny. But what’s special is that she’s blowing up the roots music scene in spite of her age, not because of it. Her old-time banjo-picking skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities have landed her in the national spotlight on both Canadian and American soil.

Kaia’s individualized approach to the traditional music of Canada and America is fully grounded in a deep respect for the genre. As she traces the connections between the two countries, and between the past and present, Kaia Kater finds the pulse that runs through the Appalachian Mountains…”

You can find more information about Kaia Kater and her album “Sorrow Bound” at her website and on her Facebook music page.

Kaia Kater’s Facebook music page:


Kaia Kater’s website:


Radio Show: Stevie Connor’s “Wee Dan’s Hoose” Radio Show, Port Credit, Ontario Canada

Stevie Connor, host of
Stevie Connor, host of “Wee Dan’s Hoose” radio show, Port Credit, Ontario, Canada

images courtesy “Wee Dan’s Hoose” website and “Blues and Roots Radio” website

Stevie Connor hosts “Wee Dan’s Hoose Radio Show” which focuses on local and international traditional and contemporary roots music. Connor explains the radio program in more detail:

Excerpt from the “Wee Dan’s Hoose Radio Show” webpage:

“Stevie plays music from all over the world, music of great diversity be it contemporary or traditional Celtic, Folk and Roots by artists from all across the UK , Ireland, the Isle of Man, Northern Portugal, Spain and Brittany in Europe, Alt Country, Bluegrass, Celtic, Folk and Roots from Canada and the USA to music from as far away as Australia. A great deal of the show features independent artists with brand new releases and he has guest interviews with artists and bands from all across the spectrum and beyond.”

Listen live on Sundays 9am (EDT Canada) on Blues and Roots Radio:


Airs syndicated on Mondays noon (UK time) on Celtic Music Radio 95FM across Glasgow, Ireland.

Listen via Celtic Music Radio’s website:


Listen on demand:

Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/WeeDansHoose/

Wee Dan’s Hoose Radio Show / Music webpage:


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Supporter of Americana: Wide Cut Weekend roots music festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Wide Cut Weekend music festival founders Brock, Turnbull, Kuhlwein, and Martineau (not listed in order)
Wide Cut Weekend music festival founders Brock, Turnbull, Kuhlwein, and Martineau (not listed in order)

images courtesy Wide Cut Weekend website and Facebook page

From Thursday, October 15 thru Saturday the 17th, 2015, the first annual Canadian roots music festival “Wide Cut Weekend” takes place in Calgary. The festival is organized by Gillian Turnbull, Jen Kuhlwein, Alanna Martineau and Allison Brock, who not only serves as the festival’s Artistic Director, but also hosts her Wide Cut Country radio show (CKUA) which the festival is based on. In fact, the festival’s slogan is “Calgary’s First Roots Music Festival!

Over twenty roots music acts will perform, in addition to workshops being conducted, at five venues sponsoring the festivities:


Mikey’s Juke Joint

The Ironwood

The Legion

Night Owl

The Thursday Wide Cut Weekend Kickoff takes place at Wine-Oh’s featuring four acts that afternoon/evening.

On Friday, all five venues host guest artists in the evening, with Saturday ending the festival with afternoon workshops and guest artists in the evening at all five venues.

Information about the full lineup, venues and schedule are listed on the official website for Wide Cut Weekend, with up-to-date info also posted on Facebook.

Wide Cut Weekend Facebook page:


Wide Cut Weekend website:


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