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Charlie Stout / Thomas Kaldijk’s “Blueprint” / Bogdike Foundation’s Streektoaldag

Song and Artist: “The Hanging” by Charlie Stout

Charlie Stout, singer-songwriter of
Charlie Stout, singer-songwriter, United States

images courtesy Charlie Stout music website and 103 KKCN

album: Flatland Murder Ballads and High Plains Hymns

Charlie Stout’s album  Flatland Murder Ballads and High Plains Hymns – Stout recorded his songs in an abandoned church in one night.

Charlie Stout’s website: http://www.charliestoutmusic.com/

Radio Show: Thomas Kaldijk’s “Blueprint” on Radio Parkstad, Veendam (Groningen, Netherlands)

Thomas Kaldijk, host of
Thomas Kaldijk, host of “Blueprint” on Radio Parkstad, Veendam, Netherlands

images courtesy Thomas Kaldijk, Radio Parkstad Veendam

Thomas Kaldijk hosts his radio show “Blueprint,” which “focuses on traditional roots music styles such as soul, blues, country and rock n roll.”

Blueprint” is broadcast in Dutch (Nederlands), and airs on Fridays from 6-7pm (Netherlands time), and repeats on Wednesdays from 9-10pm.

Listen live on Radio Parkstad and TuneIn:



Listen on demand:


Radio Parkstad website:


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Supporter of Americana: Bogdike Foundation’s Streektoaldag in Veendam (Groningen, Netherlands)

Streektoaldag music/literary festival day, Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands
Streektoaldag music/literary festival day, Veendam, Groningen, Netherlands

images courtesy the Bogdike Foundation website & Facebook page, town of Veendam, city.samondeocom website

The town of Veendam sits in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands; with a population of around 27,000, Veendam is known for being very supportive of cultural events, sponsoring an annual musical and literary event called Streektoaldag-Veendam in September through its organization called the Bogdike Foundation (De Stichting Bogdike).

Excerpt from Bogdike website about Streektoaldag-Veendam (translated/paraphrased from Dutch):

The Bogdike Foundation organizes an annual street festival called Streektoaldag every September featuring musicians and poets who perform along the town streets of Veendam (Groningen, Netherlands), or in vacant retail stores, creating opportunity for cultural enrichment, musical and literary promotion, and a productive way to highlight the business/retail opportunities in the area.”

Official image for the Bogdike Foundation's Streektoaldag-Veendam Festival day.
Official image for the Bogdike Foundation’s Streektoaldag-Veendam Festival day.

About the Bogdike Foundation (translated from Dutch):

Bogdike Foundation was founded by enthusiastic people of Veendam who for years organized events in the fields of music, theater and other cultural activities.
By joining forces, the Bogdike foundation has provided Veendam more opportunities in the field of networking, knowledge and experience, and also more options when it comes to applying for grants and sponsorships (for Veendam’s cultural programs and events).

The event took place Saturday, September 26, 2015…images are posted on the Bogdike Foundation’s Facebook page.

Bogdike Foundation Facebook (Stichting Bogdike):


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