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Peter Bruntnell / Don Slack’s Swingin’ Doors / Farm Aid

Song and Artist: “Shot From a Spring” by Peter Bruntnell

Peter Bruntnell, singer-songwriter, United Kingdom.
Peter Bruntnell, singer-songwriter, United Kingdom.

image courtesy Peter Bruntnell’s website


Bruntnell’s song “Shot From a Spring”

Peter Bruntnell’s website: http://peterbruntnell.net/index.php

Radio Show: Don Slack’s Swingin’ Doors, KEXP 90.3 FM

Don Slack, host of
Don Slack, host of “Swingin’ Doors” on KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle

images courtesy Don Slack and KEXP

Don Slack hosts “Swingin’ Doors” on Seattle’s KEXP 90.3 FM, focusing on the many kinds of -good- country music playing today.

Excerpt from KEXP’s “Swingin’ Doors“:

“Swingin’ Doors is dedicated to a wide range of country sounds and styles, from honky tonk and western swing to alternative country and bluegrass, in sharp contrast to the tight playlists and narrow focus of today’s commercial country radio….

I try to keep listeners up-to-date with what’s happening now in the wide world of country music, while also bringing to light the richness and diversity of country’s past. I’ll also do my best to put the music in context by structuring the show so you can see the connections between different songs, artists and styles, along with sharing anecdotes and other bits of information about the music…
I also try to give folks a chance to hear country artists that are coming to town soon, while also supporting Seattle’s twang community by regularly playing the music of local artists…
More than anything else, I try to play music that moves you, whether it’s a song that makes you jump with joy or one that rips your heart out. -Don Slack”

And there are some pretty interesting recordings of Don’s interviews and live performances of his guest artists on the KEXP YouTube channel.

Swingin’ Doors” airs live Thursdays from 6-9 pm (Pacific time)

Listen Live on KEXP:


*Don’t know what time a show will air in your time zone? Use the Time Zone Calculator in the menu*

Supporter of Americana: Farm Aid

Farm Aid 30, Chicago, Illinois
Farm Aid 30, Chicago, Illinois

images courtesy Farm Aid website and CNN, Paul Natkin Photo Reserve, Inc.

Farm Aid truly is a wonderful event for Americana music, but it would probably be more correct to say that Farm Aid is the music world’s way to give back and support one our nation’s most vital resources, the American farmer.

In its 30th year, Farm Aid took place this weekend on September 19, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois at the FirstMerit Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island. The musical event raised funds through ticket and merchandise sales (in addition to donations) to maintain the ongoing efforts of nonprofit organization Farm Aid in helping family farms stay in operation, in addition to other activities to maintain that objective. Since its inception, Farm Aid has raised almost $50 million. (See “About Us“).

Farm Aid was originally put together by Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp in 1985 to address to issue of dwindling small-scale family farms in a time of emerging corporate-controlled farmland. Initially the main objective was to raise money to directly assist the struggling farmer; over the years the objectives of Farm Aid expanded to also assist struggling family farms by offering guidance to resources immediately in the farmer’s local area (in addition to emergency financial assistance.) In addition, Farm Aid became involved in the “good food movement” to ensure a direct, accessible link between local family farms and providing fresh local farm produce and meat to the general public, along with education about food-related issues such as hormones and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). (See “About Us“).

Excerpt from Farm Aid regarding its mission and objectives:

“Farm Aid is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep family farmers on the land. Farm Aid accomplishes this mission by:

“…promoting food from family farms…growing the good food movement…helping farmers thrive…and taking action to change the system…”

*details about each objective is discussed on the Farm Aid website on their About Us page*

About the concert:

Farm Aid presented fifteen country Americana acts throughout the day, including Willie Nelson as headliner, and with John Mellencamp and Neil Young preceding respectively.

In addition to the music, the Farm Aid organization provides a way for the public to meet and buy food from family farmers on the grounds at established vendor spots.

Other related/sponsored events took place prior to the day of the Farm Aid concert as buildup:

  • Film2FarmAid at McCormick Place (convention center).
  • The Farm Aid Preview at Daley Plaza Farmers Market
  • Farm Aid 30: Strength From Our Roots (storytelling and gathering session) Days 1 & 2 / Breakfast Connect at Fourth Presbyterian Church (separate events on subsequent days)
  • Chicago Urban Farm Tour
  • Farm Aid Eve at River Roast
  • Farm Aid 30 Press Event (main stage)
  • Farm Aid’s HOMEGROWN Village (on the concert grounds)

The lineup can be found on the Farm Aid website here:


The event also was broadcast live over the internet.

Farm Aid operates throughout the year to help small farmers, and accepts donations/contributions.

Farm Aid website: https://www.farmaid.org/home/

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