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Black Sorrows / American Roots / Radio Survivor

Song and Artist: “Righteous Blues” by Black Sorrows of Melbourne, Australia

The Black Sorrows of Melbourne, Australia
The Black Sorrows of Melbourne, Australia

images courtesy the official website for The Black Sorrows


I “Righteous Blues” by Black Sorrows

The Black Sorrows’ website/music: http://www.theblacksorrows.com.au/

Radio Show: Mike Morrison’s “American Roots” on Worthing Sunshine Radio

Mike Morrison, host of
Mike Morrison, host of “American Roots” radio show on Worthing Radio

images courtesy Worthing Radio and Seaside Hospital Radio

Mike Morrison hosts his “American Roots” radio show on Worthing Sunshine Radio in Brighton, England, focusing on Americana roots music.

Mike also has a detailed website that includes information about his show, the latest music releases and reviews, and a great section about American roots and blues music history.

Excerpt from Morrison’s “American Roots Music” website quoting Morrison:

“This site is dedicated to Alt. Country, Americana, Blues, Folk, even No Depression, call it what you will! In the end it’s all American Roots Music! There are and will continue to be c.d. reviews, gig reviews, lists of forthcoming gigs in and around the Brighton area and much more besides! The Histories of American Roots and Blues are based on a series of lectures that I gave a few years ago, with much more to be added to these and with the format gradually changing. The book reviews are likely to be just occasional, time to read much, being at a premium! The radio playlists are self explanatory and as with much of the rest of the content, may gradually evolve.”

Mike Morrison’s “American Roots” radio show airs on Thursdays from 5-7pm, UK time.

Listen Live on Worthing Sunshine Radio:


Listen Live on TuneIn:


Listen on demand on American Roots UK:


Listen on demand on MixCloud:


Supporter of Americana: Radio Survivor

“Radio Survivor” website

image courtesy Radio Survivor website

Radio Survivor, a website about traditional (terrestrial) and internet radio, indirectly supports all genres of music by exploring and sharing news and articles about what’s going on in the world of radio in this era of changing technologies. The main function of the Radio Survivor site is to provide a comprehensive and “radio listener-interactive” approach to discussing issues surrounding the radio industry.

Radio Survivor was founded in 2010 by Matthew Lasar, Paul Riismandel, and Jennifer Waits – three avid enthusiasts of radio, and who are deeply involved and accomplished in the radio broadcast world.

Excerpt from Radio Survivor discussing its mission:

“Radio Survivor attempts to shed light on the ongoing importance of radio: from the airwaves (FM, AM, Short-wave, HD, satellite) to online. We are proponents for the relevance of radio as a participatory communications medium. As both fans and producers, we write about the problems and prospects of radio.
We embrace college radio stations in crisis. We defend radio pirates. And we care about the on-going survival of our favorite radio stations.
We are obsessed with the future of radio and are charmed by radio historians, radio dramatists, radio bloggers, and anyone else who cares about radio as deeply as we do.”

Radio Survivor Website: http://www.radiosurvivor.com/

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