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Jo Philby / The Official Texas Countdown radio show / Twang Nation

Song and Artist: “Bonnie Bessie Logan” by Jo Philby

Jo Philby, singer-songwriter, Orkney Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom.
Jo Philby, singer-songwriter, Orkney Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom.

image courtesy Jo Philby website


“Bonnie Bessie Logan” by Jo Philby

Jo Philby’s website/music: http://www.jophilby.co.uk/

Radio show: Chuck Taylor’s “The Official Texas Countdown” radio show

Chuck Taylor, host of
Chuck Taylor, host of “The Official Texas Countdown” radio show on KHYI

images courtesy KHYI, Chuck Taylor, and Texas Countdown websites

Chuck Taylor hosts “The Official Texas Countdown” radio show on KHYI, which features Taylor’s picks for the top 20 Texas songs of the week. Taylor’s aim with the show is to highlight Texas artists and gain for them some well-deserved national exposure.

Excerpt from KHYI Radio, quoting Chuck Taylor:

‘My goal in life is to help others and that’s the reason I created ‘The Official Texas Countdown’ radio show. Nobody was doing anything to truly help bring these talented individuals to the national spotlight and I thought if I could do this for them, maybe others would see in their music what I see…true passion, not writing a song because it fits a formula, writing a song because you’ve lived it or someone you know has lived it or something close to it. The music coming from Texas is real and that’s what I love about it!’

Chuck Taylor’s “The Official Texas Countdown” radio show airs on Sundays, 6-8pm Central Standard Time on KHYI radio.

Listen Live via Android and Apple apps:


Listen on demand on the Texas Countdown website:


Supporter of Americana: Baron Lane’s “Twang Nation”

Baron Lane's
Baron Lane’s “Twang Nation” Country/Americana Music Website

image courtesy Twang Nation official website

Baron Lane is an avid supporter of Americana music, and he authors the Americana music blog “Twang Nation.” Lane founded the online publication in 2004 as a way to share information about Americana and roots music during a time when the Internet and online digital technology were turning the music industry upside down.

Excerpt from Twang Nation quoting Lane:

“2004 was also 5 years after Napster knocked the music business back on it’s heels. ‘It occurred to me that many of the old rules no longer applied, well the industry ones anyway. The irrefutable rule of being a great musician still holds in my mind. I thought I might have a role to play here.'”

The blog itself features not only news and interviews with popular and up-and-coming artists, but also reinforces the support network for artists by contributing “featured songs” on Fridays to KHYI Radio’s “All Star Mornings” show, hosted by Chuck Taylor.

A newsletter is also available via email subscription.

Twang Nation website: http://www.twangnation.com/

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