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Brent Best / Under the X in Texas / Take Root Festival

Song and Artist: “You Shouldn’t Worry” by Brent Best of Denton, Texas

Brent Best, singer/songwriter of Denton, Texas.
Brent Best, singer/songwriter of Denton, Texas.

images courtesy Brent Best website

“You Shouldn’t Worry” by Brent Best


Brent Best’s website/music: http://brentbest.com/

Radio Show: “Under the X in Texas”

Ted Branson, host of
Ted Branson, host of “Under the X in Texas” radio show, KOOP 91.7 FM

images courtesy KOOP radio

Ted Branson hosts “Under the X in Texas” on KOOP radio 91.7 FM. Branson focuses on featuring Texas music of various genres, including vintage and newer artists that reflect the eclectic mix of cultural traditions in Texas.

Excerpt from KOOP:
“Under the X in Texas seeks out the senior and largely forgotten originators and forerunners of Texas music, brings to light obscure yet influential artists in the development and history of what we’ve come to know as Texas Music-a rich melting pot of all cultures, women and men, coming together in the Lone Star State from the early pioneers and immigrants bringing with them the musics of their homelands, creating a rich musical heritage that includes Blues, Jazz, Conjunto, Cowboy Poets, Singer Songwriters, Country Western, Rockabilly, Western Swing, R & B, Tex-Mex, German /Czech music, Zydeco, Bluegrass and so on.
The program also features Texas musicians, authors, biographers, artists and filmakers who are influenced today by the musical legacy created by those who came before, with interviews plus live performances both in studio and from the field while attending annual festival events throughout the southwest.”

Under the X in Texas” airs on Tuesdays at 9am, Central Standard Time.
Listen live: http://www.koop.org/content/how-listen-online

KOOP website: http://www.koop.org/

Supporter of Americana: Take Root Festival, Netherlands

Take Root Festival, Groningen, Netherlands
Take Root Festival, Groningen, Netherlands

image courtesy Take Root website

In its eighteenth year, the Take Root Festival takes place in Groningen, Netherlands on September 12, 2015. The day’s events include a lineup of top-notch Americana folk artists from Europe and North America.

Website (Dutch): http://www.takeroot.nl/
Website (English): http://www.takeroot.nl/us/index.html

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