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Lindi Ortega / Dark Side of the Highway / The Prelude of Harlingen, Texas

Song and Artist: “Cigarettes and Truckstops” by Lindi Ortega of Toronto, Canada.

Lindi Ortega, singer/songwriter of Toronto, Canada
Lindi Ortega, singer/songwriter of Toronto, Canada

image courtesy Lindi Ortega, Facebook


“Cigarettes and Truckstops” by Lindi Ortega

Lindi Ortega’s website/music: http://lindiortega.ca/

Radio Show: Dark Side of the Highway

Johnny Timewarp, host of
Johnny Timewarp, host of “Dark Side of the Highway” WHUS radio.

images courtesy Johnny Timewarp Facebook, WHUS Radio

DJ Johnny Timewarp hosts “Dark Side of the Highway” on WHUS Radio 91.7 FM, featuring music with a unique twist on blends of folk, country, and bluegrass.

Excerpt from WHUS:

“With a fusion of musical inspiration that ranges from country swing to death metal to the heart and organs of dark folk and old bluegrass, a listen to “Dark Side of the Highway” evokes the dreamscape of leading a steel breeze into an Old West gunfight, knowing you’re probably going to die but flirting with the ruse of hope without redemption’s promise…”

Dark Side of the Highway” airs Sundays 2am-9am Eastern Standard Time

Listen live: http://fm.whus.org/

Supporter of Americana: The Prelude of Harlingen, Texas

The Prelude of Harlingen, Texas
The Prelude of Harlingen, Texas

image courtesy The Prelude website

The Prelude, located in downtown Harlingen, Texas, is a music incubator and artist development service founded by Angel Rodriguez and Rachel Udow. Artists can get advice regarding career direction and marketing/promotion of their image and music, in addition to using the Prelude as a venue for public performances, or to produce videos.

Excerpts about The Prelude from The Monitor newspaper article “The Prelude: Harlingen’s musicians incubator created by artists, for artists”:

” ‘Somebody at any point in their music lifestyle can come and get clear about where they are and where they want to go, and then we can work with them to develop a plan to get there,’ said co-owner Rachel Udow. ‘It’s just helping people with their goals, whatever those may be.’ …”

” ‘There’s a reason why the musician’s launchpad comes with a consultation called ‘discovering your brand’ which is probably my favorite thing about the services we offer,’ Rodriguez said. ‘It’s this one-on-one and back and forth to really get to the core of what each music artist is and then trying to go from there.’ …”

” ‘It works a lot like an artist’s incubator where there’s a collective of people there being useful and helping push a certain idea forward,’ Rodriguez said “…”Aside from the constructive help for up-and-coming musicians, The Prelude offers PA and lighting equipment to rent, recording services, stage coaching, photography services, a music repair shop and graphic design services. …”

” ‘We welcome people with open arms,” Rodriguez said. “We really want to be part of the community and musicians should know we’re here for them.’ “

video: What is the Prelude? (by Angel Rodriguez and Rachel Udow):

Website for The Prelude: http://theprelude.net/

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