“in the groove” for Friday, August 7, 2015

John Moreland / Country Roots / Music Fog

Song and Artist: “Blacklist” by John Moreland of Tulsa, Oklahoma

John Moreland
John Moreland, singer/songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma

images courtesy photographer Joey Knelser and John Moreland official website


“Blacklist” by John Moreland

John Moreland’s website/music: http://www.johnmoreland.net/

Radio Show: Len Brown’s “Country Roots”, KOOP 91.7 FM

Len Brown, host of
Len Brown, host of “Country Roots” on KOOP Radio

image courtesy Ricardo B. Brazziell, photographer and POTRZEBIE blog

Len Brown hosts “Country Roots” on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM, featuring traditional country from classic country artists and new up-and-coming musicians who carry on the traditional classic country sound.

Excerpt from KOOP “Country Roots” page:

“Bringing in rare music from their personal collections, Country Roots takes listeners back in time with vintage music, presenting sounds and artists that aren’t heard anywhere else on the radio dial. You’ll hear the country pioneers from the past, right up to some of the local artists of today who are keeping the traditional sound alive.”

Country Roots” airs on Fridays, 9am Central Standard Time on KOOP Radio 91.7 FM

Listen live: http://www.koop.org/content/how-listen-online

KOOP “Country Roots” page: http://www.koop.org/programs/country-roots

KOOP Radio website: http://www.koop.org/

Supporter of Americana: Music Fog

Americana-oriented video/audio production company Music Fog
Americana-oriented video/audio production company Music Fog

image courtesy Music Fog website

Music Fog is a video/audio production services company based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on creating high quality videos and recordings, in addition to providing live-streaming services, for Americana artists.

Excerpt from the Music Fog website:

“Music Fog is a video dedicated venture promoting and celebrating the Americana music scene. Our intent is to deliver quality video and audio via the internet to anyone who seeks to find this truly American musical genre.”

“Our close ties with key members of this musical arts community allow Music Fog to keep subscribers and followers informed of all the latest current events related to Americana. And we intend to celebrate it with all devotees. Typically, you can rely on Music Fog to be in attendance when major Americana musical events are happening. At any of these events you can look to Music Fog for an inside track, and performances not seen by the attending public.”

Music Fog website: http://musicfog.com/

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