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Dean Owens / Jonti’s Roots and Acoustic Music Show / the Saxon Pub of Austin, Texas

Song and Artist: “Valentine’s Day in New York” by Dean Owens of Leith, Scotland.

Dean Owens, singer-songwriter of Leith, Scotland.
Dean Owens, singer-songwriter of Leith, Scotland.

image courtesy Louis de Carlo and the Dean Owens website


“Valentine’s Day in New York” by Dean Owens

Dean Owens’ website/music:


Radio show: Jonti’s Roots and Acoustic Music Show, Doncaster, England

Jontis Roots and Acoustic bannerimages courtesy SINE FM website


Jonti Willis hosts “Jonti’s Roots and Acoustic Music Show” on Sine FM 102.6, Doncaster, England.

Excerpt from SINE FM program page for Jonti’s Roots:

“Joining the dots that link artists and their music to a wider cultural
tradition, Jonti investigates a number of genres with a common
folk or roots origin. Also includes a weekly local guide to music
events in the area plus interviews and live performances.”

Listen live on Sundays, 3-4pm UK time on the SINE FM website.

URL to listen live: http://www.sinefm.com/

Link to “Jonti’s Roots and Acoustic Music Show“:


Supporter of Americana (venue): The Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas

The Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas.
The Saxon Pub, Austin, Texas.

images courtesy Saxon Pub website

The Saxon Pub was one of the first venues I checked out when I moved to Austin, and instantly loved the laid back vibe and great music from the newest rising local acts to the most respected veteran musicians playing the Austin music scene from as far back as the 1970’s. It’s a top notch venue for anyone to say they’ve played, and a definite “must visit” for anyone new to Austin, Texas.

Excerpt from the Saxon Pub website:

“Opened in 1990, the Saxon has hosted well over 22,000 musical performances. It has been the location for films, videos and countless live recordings. On any given night you might see a major celebrity from the film or music industry either having a beer or sitting in on stage jamming with the locals. This award-winning listening room has helped launch the careers of several prominent entertainers. It is also known for booking some of the greatest music legends around, performing in an intimate atmosphere that Kris Kristofferson likened to ‘playing in his own living room’.”

Saxon Pub official website: http://thesaxonpub.com/

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