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Charlie Roth / Songs From the Ark / Americana Music Association

Song and Artist: “Arms of a Gypsy Woman” by Charlie Roth and Rick Pedersen of Minnesota.

Charlie Roth, singer-songwriter of Minnesota.
Charlie Roth, singer-songwriter of Minnesota.

images courtesy the official website for Charlie Roth


“Arms of a Gypsy Woman” by Charlie Roth and Rick Pedersen

Excerpt from Charlie Roth’s official website:

“A consummate showman, an entertainer with countless gigs under his belt, Charlie has mastered the art of playing and singing from his heart, exuding the sheer joy of making great music which can be felt by everyone who is connected to that magical and medicinal spiritual grace.”


Charlie Roth’s website/music:


Radio Show: Del Day’s “Songs From the Ark on Reverb Radio

Del Day's
Del Day’s “Songs From the Ark” radio show.

images courtesy Del Day and Songs From the Ark Facebook page


“Songs from the Ark” is an east Sussex, England-based Americana music radio show hosted by Del Day on Radio Reverb radio.

Excerpt from Songs of the Ark on Reverb Radio:

“Del Day presents a smorgasbord of delights from the nether regions of the ‘roots’ scene.”

Listen to Del Day’s “Songs From the Ark”:

On Radio Reverb: http://www.radioreverb.com/

live every Monday at 9pm, repeated Wednesday at 6am, Thursday 4pm and Sunday 10am. (UK time)

“Songs From the Ark” Facebook page:


Supporter of Americana: Americana Music Association

Americana Music Association, Nashville, Tennessee.
Americana Music Association, Nashville, Tennessee.

images courtesy Americana Music Association website

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the Americana Music Association works to promote and maintain the high standards of quality roots music within the music industry.

Excerpt from the Americana Music Association website:

“The Americana Music Association is a professional trade organization whose mission is to advocate for the authentic voice of American Roots Music around the world.”…”The Americana Music Association works closely with those in our industry, whether artists, labels, radio stations, retailers, print media, festivals, agents, publishers, etc. to help organize and build the infrastructure necessary for our genre to achieve success both creatively and financially.”

The trade organization is known for the annual Americana Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, the Americana Airplay Chart and Americana Top 100 Albums, and the annual Americana Music Honors & Awards show. Membership into the Association is available to artists and professionals in the music industry.

Americana Music Association official website:


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