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The Bear / Real Roots Cafe / Single Lock Records

Song and Artist: “Sow Your Seeds” by The Bear of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

The Bear of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
The Bear of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

photo courtesy The Bear and LastFM


“Sow Your Seeds” by The Bear

The Bear’s website/music:


Online Music E-zine: Jan Janssen’s Real Roots Cafe (Holland)

Jan Janssen, creator of online music e-zine
Jan Janssen, creator of online music e-zine “Real Roots Cafe”

images courtesy Jan Janssen and Real Roots Cafe website

Description: Jan Janssen is a former radio DJ turned online music publications author/editor, whose online music e-zine, “Real Roots Cafe” covers various genres of music including Americana and roots music. Janssen regularly posts music reviews, news and articles on the site to promote the newest releases and upcoming talent from all around the world. The site is written in Dutch (Nederlands).

Excerpt from Real Roots Cafe website:

“For more than fifteen years now The Real Roots Café still is a non-profit Dutch language music web site that represents a variety of music genres. Music in the broadest sense of the words, as long it is real and deeply rooted in, and directly related to the on-going development of the North American societies and cultures. The Real Roots Café is in fact a hangout for everyone who would like to learn more about ‘Real People, Real Instruments and Real Music’.”

Access Jan Janssen’s “Real Roots Cafe“: http://www.realrootscafe.com/

Supporter of Americana: Single Lock Records

John Paul White and Ben Tanner of Single Lock Records (not pictured: Will Trapp)
John Paul White and Ben Tanner of Single Lock Records (not pictured: Will Trapp)

images courtesy Robert Rausch, Single Lock Records website, and Alabama Chanin website (respectively)

John Paul White, known to most music fans as half of the Americana duo “The Civil Wars,” is a co-founder of Florence, Alabama-based record label Single Lock Records. John made the transition from The Civil Wars to co-running Single Lock Records in 2013, joining friends Ben Tanner (successful keyboardist and music producer) and Will Trapp (a finance professional, a University of North Alabama Board of Trustees member, and avid music enthusiast) in their venture to start a small music label/studio. The three recognized a need to create an affordable avenue for high-quality folk and roots artists to produce their albums, especially during a time when the music industry is facing changes in technology while trying to profit amidst a tighter economy.

The fledgling label has a healthy roster of artists, mostly discovered from the local Muscle Shoals area, whose music is strongly ingrained in the folk and roots genres.

Excerpt from press release “Single Lock Records And Their Artists Set To Rock Homecoming At UNA!” by Bryan Rachal, Public Affairs and Media Relations at University of North Alabama:

“… As far as measuring success, Tanner said record sales help but they’re not the only thing. ‘The main objective really is just to make the best records we can make. Once we do that then it’s figuring out how we help these bands.’ …”

Link to Single Lock Records: http://www.singlelock.com

*I based my writings regarding Single Lock Records, John Paul White, Ben Tanner, and Will Trapp on the following sources:

Single Lock Records: http://www.singlelock.com/about-us/

University of North Alabama press release:

Single Lock Records And Their Artists Set To Rock Homecoming At UNA!”

URL: https://una.edu/pressroom/detail.php?id=881&date=2014-09-11

Country Fried Rock

“Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes & Single Lock Records”

URL: http://countryfriedrock.org/ben-tanner-1331/#.VbY47Pmgipo

Alabama Chanin Journal

“Playlist September 2013: Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes”

URL: http://journal.alabamachanin.com/2013/09/playlist-september-2013-ben-tanner-of-alabama-shakes/

(also source for photo of Tanner)

Photo of John Paul White by Robert Rausch

URL: http://journal.billyreid.com/post/104262710327/odette-john-paul-white

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