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Patty Finney / Folk & Roots / Galleywinter

Song and Artist: “Nothing But The Wind” by Patty Finney of McDade, Texas.

Patty Finney, singer-songwriter from McDade, Texas
Patty Finney, singer-songwriter from McDade, Texas

photo courtesy Patty Finney


“Nothing But The Wind” by Patty Finney

**Patty has a new CD out titled “Wanted”

Patty Finney's newest CD
Patty Finney’s newest CD “Wanted”

Patty Finney’s Reverbnation website/music:


Radio show: Colin Fielding’s “Folk & Roots” (Melbourne, Australia)

Colin Fielding, host of
Colin Fielding, host of “Folk & Roots” radio show

images courtesy Colin Fielding and 96.5 Inner FM

Description from the 96.5 Inner FM website:

“…”Folk and Roots” airs weekly and plays a variety of musical styles, including roots rock, singer/songwriter, Americana, alt country, bluegrass, blues and all types of music influenced by these genres…”

“Folk and Roots” with Colin Fielding airs on Sundays at 5pm (Melbourne, Australia time)

Listen live: http://right-click.com.au/rcPlayer/index.php?c=innerfm

Link to Fielding’s Folk & Roots webpage: http://www.innerfm.org.au/content/colin-fielding

Supporter of Americana/Country: Galleywinter

Galleywinter, an online music resource
Galleywinter, an online music resource

image courtesy Galleywinter website

Description from the Galleywinter Facebook page:

“…Comprised of original writing, music streaming, concerts, forums and more.”

Galleywinter is an interesting website to explore, offering various ways to discover or learn about Americana music. “The Drop” section features a different artist in each tab, with a music player to listen to their music; “The Road” section features a calendar with notable performances listed at various venues; articles about artists and music can be found in the “Archives” and “Writings” sections, and one can access the “Forum” section with a registered account.

Link to the Galleywinter website:


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