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Brad Butcher / Roots & Fusion / Kyle “The Triggerman” Coroneos

Song and Artist: “The Old Man’s Gone” by Brad Butcher of Australia

Brad Butcher, singer-songwriter from Queensland, Australia.
Brad Butcher, singer-songwriter from Queensland, Australia.

photo courtesy Brad Butcher


“The Old Man’s Gone” by Brad Butcher…

Brad Butcher’s official website:


Radio Show: Rick Stuart’s “Roots & Fusion” on Pure Radio FM (Stockport, England)

Rick Stuart, host of Roots & Fusion on Pure Radio FM.
Rick Stuart, host of Roots & Fusion on Pure Radio FM.

images courtesy Richard Bolland and Pure Radio FM

Rick Stuart’s “Roots & Fusion” is a fun and interactive radio show, with unique music and online audience participation on the show’s Facebook page. This is a great show to listen to if you are interested in unique roots and fusion music…

Description from Pure Radio:

Blues, Celtic & World Folk, Americana, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, Reggae and many points in between.

Listen live Wednesdays 9-11pm (UK time): http://www.pure-radio.org/home/4587844803

“Roots & Fusion” Facebook page: http://facebook.com/rootsandfusion

Link to listen and access to Rick Stuart’s “Roots & Fusion” show:


Supporter of Americana/Country: Kyle “The Triggerman” Coroneos

Founded by Kyle
Founded by Kyle “Triggerman” Coroneos

image courtesy Kyle Coroneos

Kyle “The Triggerman” Coroneos, aka “Trigger,” is an advocate for bringing back higher quality country music through preservation of its roots. Coroneos established an online movement called “Saving Country Music.” (Originally called “Free Hank III).

Description of Saving Country Music (excerpt from the official website):

“Saving Country Music’s purpose is spelled out in its name. It offers news, opinion, reviews, artist profiles, music history, and the always-popular off-color pop country bashing. Saving Country Music primarily focuses on country, but also covers roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music. First and foremost, Saving Country Music is a consumer advocate and an industry watchdog. Saving Country Music consistently receives on average of over 330,000 unique visitors a month.

Even though Saving Country Music is a music-based website, it works from the core principles that the focus should be people first, then music, and that music is just the excuse to explore deeper issues throughout culture.”

Link to the Saving Country Music website:


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