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Dunderhead / After Midnight / Luckenbach, Texas

Song and Artist: “Down the Line” by Dunderhead of Sweden.

Swedish bluegrass band Dunderhead.
Swedish bluegrass band Dunderhead.

*photo courtesy Dunderhead blog site*


“Down the Line” by Dunderhead

Dunderhead’s website:


Radio Show: Noel Casey’s “After Midnight” on Dublin City FM (Ireland)

Noel Casey, host of
Noel Casey, host of “After Midnight” on Dublin City FM (Ireland).

About the show:

“Late night radio show with Noel Casey – Every monday @ midnight – 2 hours of new releases & back catalogue from the world of COUNTRY, BLUES, FOLK, SOUL, ROCK n ROLL, JAZZ and a little more…”

This is a show that is not only fun to listen to, but also the listener can interact with other listeners and with the hose via Facebook. Hosted by Noel Casey, the show focuses on playing Americana by up-and-coming artists in addition to the classics.

Listen live on Mondays from midnight – 2am (Ireland time) on


The “After Midnight” Facebook page:


Link to Noel’s “After Midnight” web page:


Supporter of Americana: Luckenbach, Texas

images courtesy Luckenbach official blog and Epodunk.com
images courtesy Luckenbach official blog and Epodunk.com

There’s a town with the official population of THREE in the Texas Hill Country, named Luckenbach, and is a well-known landmark in Texas music history as a place for songwriters to gather for picking circles throughout the week, and for country bands to perform on Sundays at the dancehall.

This is a landmark place for highly talented and accomplished singer-songwriters to perform – for those who love Americana, this is a place not to miss…

Link to the Luckenbach, Texas official blog:


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